2019 Application

It's been a little quiet on the home front, so I'm hoping we do have some participation this year. I know LJ has been dwindling and TQC definitely has been really slow, but I'm hoping we can keep this exchange up and running. So if you see this, please consider participating in either our small gift and/or holiday card exchange.


If you would like to participate in this year's card and/or small gift exchange, you are in the right place! Fill out the form in entirety and leave it as a comment in this post. All comments will be screened. If you post it somewhere else, it will be deleted and not considered for this year's exchange.

All applications are due by NOVEMBER 30. Any application received after that date will not be included in this year's exchange.

If you are participating in the small gift exchange, your Secret Santa will only see your answers from 1-3 and A-L.

Please copy and paste the entire form into the comments as opposed to just leaving the answers. It makes my life easier. If you are including a link, please do not embed them and instead provide the whole URL.

I plan to announce the assignments right around the 1st of December.

Have fun and Merry Christmas!


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HELLO and Happy November! I'm taking a general headcount currently. Who's still around? Without committing yet, who's thinking about participating in the 2019 Christmas present/Christmas card exchange?

I am starting to get the application for this year ready, so in the next week or so you should see it pop up here. It could be as soon as tomorrow if I have some time.

Feel free to get the word out about this year's exchange as well and hopefully we can have another successful its_a_tqc_xmas!